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The regulations, case law, and best practices surrounding blockchains, crypto, and NFTs

Many of today’s crypto companies, NFT holders, and meme stock geniuses are swimming in murky water. Canadian regulators (and Courts) have been playing catch up since Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white paper in 2008.

Code of Law focuses on the legal framework being built around blockchains. We’ll learn about crypto regulations, IP and other rights surrounding NFTs, and the broad legislation impacting blockchain.

You’ll hear from the top lawyers, lawmakers, academics, and entrepreneurs in the space – we’ll touch on best practices countries are implementing, new regulations, and share ideas on the best path forward.

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#17 – Jason Gottlieb: Lawyers & DAOs, MoCo crypto-litigation tracker, Indexed Juris, NFTs & more. Law of Code

Jason Gottlieb (@ohaiom) is a Partner in Morrison Cohen LLP’s Business Litigation Department, and Chair of the White Collar and Regulatory Enforcement practice group. Jason is the principal author of the MoCo Cryptocurrency Litigation Tracker and was named to the National Law Journal‘s inaugural list of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Fintech Trailblazers.  Jason regularly advises U.S. and foreign companies on blockchain and cryptocurrency law relating to litigation and regulatory risk issues and has been widely published and quoted in the media for his cryptocurrency and blockchain expertise.  Show highlights  – Jason's introduction to crypto  – Working at a Japanese Internet Service Provider in Tokyo  – Building expertise in crypto-law  – Kleiman v. Wright  – Cryptocurrency litigation tracker  – Indexed Finance Hack: ~$16m of tokens were stolen  – Working with DAOs (50 min-mark) – NFTs & much more.
  1. #17 – Jason Gottlieb: Lawyers & DAOs, MoCo crypto-litigation tracker, Indexed Juris, NFTs & more.
  2. #16 – Sina Kian, VP of Strategy at Aleo: A16Z backed startup, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, and why "find your passion" is the wrong advice.
  3. #15 – Drew Hinkes: Rug pulls, preventing the loss of private keys, United States v. Van Buren, and "not your legal title, not your coins"
  4. #14 – Hailey Lennon: Bitcoin stories, CryptoConnect, public speaking and building a legal practice in Crypto
  5. #13 – Evan Thomas: WealthSimple Crypto, going "all-in" on crypto, working with regulators & becoming a great lawyer.

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Blockchains are digital ledgers duplicated and distributed across an entire network of computer systems on a blockchain

Cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer digital payment systems enabling money-transfers without trusted intermediaries

Non-Fungible Tokens represent a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, certifying a digital asset to be unique and not interchangeable