by Jacob Robinson

Many of today’s crypto companies, NFT holders, and meme stock geniuses are swimming in murky water. Government regulators (and Courts) have been playing catch up since Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white paper in 2008.

Code of Law focuses on the legal framework being built around blockchains. We’ll focus on crypto regulations, IP and other rights surrounding NFTs, and the broad regulations impacting blockchain.

You’ll hear from the top lawyers, lawmakers, and entrepreneurs in the space – we’ll touch on best practices countries are implementing, new regulations, and share ideas on the best path forward.

A bit about why I’m doing this:

My goal is to become the top blockchain lawyer in Canada. I’m not even sure what that means at this point, but…

I’m building this blog as a way to learn (by sharing) all things surrounding the laws surrounding blockchains. The actual laws. Created by people.

Hopefully this site/newsletter/podcast/youtube channel can become the go-to place for all things blockchain law while helping people understand the legal framework surrounding this incredible technology.

Worst case, this site becomes my excuse to interview the top crypto lawyers, learn from them, and spend $9.99 a month hosting the site.

Best case… who knows.

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